What happened to the old site?

Our regular website, jhunewsletter.com, is down right now because we are doing some much-needed updates to the site’s security. We had hoped to have it back up and running by the first issue of the year, but the repairs took longer than expected.

In the meantime, we’re using this site to host new articles, and while that works fine for the current issue, it doesn’t have the full online archive of News-Letter articles. We know that part of a newspaper’s value lies in its ability to serve as a public record, so we we’re very sorry that service is not available right now. If you need urgent access to an article, the University archives always has a full record of The News-Letter, or you can email managing@jhunewsletter.com and we can try to help.

NL on the DL has served as The News-Letter’s summer blog for the past five years, though, so it has its own good archive of articles that you are welcome to check out.

We’re sorry for all the inconvenience. We’ll be back to normal as soon as possible. Updates will come on Facebook and Twitter.