SGA to host Halloween party in Levering Hall

News & Features Editor

The Student Government Association (SGA) will be throwing a Halloween party on Saturday in Levering Hall. Beer and wine will be available to attendees over 21, but the event is open to all students.

“The Glass Pav will be decked out. We’re really grateful for the Dean’s Office’s support on this. It’ll be like a haunted house,” SGA Executive President Jack Bartholet said.

The event will feature a costume contest and a form of trick-or-treating with buckets of candy and a DJ.

It is designed to provide students with an alternative to going to Fells Point or elsewhere.

“We wanted to have an on-campus activity for Halloween because we know it’s… hard for a lot of people to get down to Fells,” Bartholet said. “We also wanted to have something where students can come together for those who do want to drink and party during Halloween that are of age and those who aren’t able to.”

He stressed the convenience of the event being on campus.

“Everyone that we’ve talked to is incredibly pumped for it,” Bartholet said.

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