Planned Parenthood is a valuable community resource


Last Thursday, the Hopkins Voice for Life chapter presented a display against Planned Parenthood on Gilman Quad. The protest was based around allegations that Planned Parenthood sells the body parts of aborted fetuses to third parties. The group believes that the government should cut Planned Parenthood’s federal funding, a view the Editorial Board does not share. We strongly disagree with the notion that Planned Parenthood does not deserve federal funding. In fact, we believe the organization is a pillar of public health.

One serious issue surrounding this Planned Parenthood debate is that a surprising number of people are unaware that the organization offers a wide range of healthcare products and services besides abortions. They distribute birth control, conduct pap tests and breast exams, test for a full panel of sexually transmitted diseases, offer sexual education programs and the list goes on. From a public health standpoint, the organization is essential to our society. And while Hopkins students typically utilize the Health and Wellness Center for such resources, Planned Parenthood centers are often the only choice for others in the community. The notion that Planned Parenthood only does abortions is naive and just simply untrue.

Planned Parenthood is doing vital work. Everyone should have access to free HIV and STI tests in addition to the condoms that can curb the spread of such diseases. Young mothers should be able to have easy, low-hassle access to abortions. Now more than ever, our community needs the resources that this organization provides. Cutting its federal funding and hindering its operations would prevent the people who need help the most from getting it.

The Editorial Board is strongly pro-choice. (We have described our position in a previous editorial.) However, we also believe that the issue of Planned Parenthood’s funding goes beyond being pro-life or pro-choice. At the end of the day, the Editorial Board is pro-women’s health. We believe that cutting Planned Parenthood’s federal funding would not only be detrimental to millions of Americans, it would be a grave mistake. At a time when our country is more divided than ever, the Editorial Board believes this should be a total non-issue.

4 responses to “Planned Parenthood is a valuable community resource

  1. This statement is 10000-fold false!

    “The protest was based around allegations that Planned Parenthood sells the body parts of aborted fetuses to third parties.”

    Did the editorial board even bother to stop at the display? I am a member of Voice for Life and spoke to no one. Additionally, the event was covered with bias.

    I will clarify for interested readers:
    Voice for Life did not choose to host the event to “protest the fact that Planned Parenthood sold body parts of aborted fetuses to third parties for profit” (as it reads in the article the News-Letter published titled Voice for Life Protests Planned Parenthood). The display was hosted to raise awareness of who Planned Parenthood is (using their 2013-2014 Annual Report, which is their last publicly released report) and to invite students to open, honest discussion on life issues, including abortion and reallocating federal funds to equally qualified health care clinics (to see the over 15 local Baltimore ones, go to and enter area code 21218).

    Not to mention, this display has been offered by Students for Life of America for a few years, which means it has been around and presented at colleges far longer than those videos even surfaced in 2015.

    Do you even know what a fact check is? JH News-Letter has poor reporting skills and the Editorial Board perpetuates the biases of its writers.

    To set the record straight, the Voice for Life club presented the display to talk about body parts, but to open the discussion on campus and to offer life-affirming options to the student population and JHU staff/faculty.

    Club members only spoke to students about the videos if and when they inquired each club member’s personal opinion because it was not the focus or drive for the event.

    It is sad that those who read the article will think it was a goal of Voice for Life as what the News-Letter and its Editorial Board very clearly do (and I suspect they are well aware of this) is change the message that Voice for Life tried to get across in hosting the discussion on campus and does change the efforts of the club.


  2. Further, pro-life is pro-woman.

    Women deserve better than abortion!

    Check out Feminists for Life– the only true feminists that are.


  3. And FYI for the Editorial Board (obviously none of its members stopped by the event)

    We did not ask to stop federal funding of women’s health clinics!

    REALLOCATE funds to pro-woman, life-affirming centers, one example is the Pregnancy Center North in Baltimore, MD.


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