Job Fair attracts hopeful employees


More than 38 employers hosted booths at the annual Student Job Fair in the AMR I Multipurpose Room (MPR) on Friday to connect students with particular employment opportunities.

According to Rick Hoy, a Student Employment Services representative, about 500 students attended the fair.

D. Lynn O’Neil, the director of Student Employment Services, has worked at Hopkins for 30 years. She said the Student Job Fair has been helping connect students to employment opportunities for more than 20 years.

“We have over 2,500 undergraduates that work on campus. Our students work on campus, at the medical campus… you’ll see employers from all the different campuses there,” she said.

O’Neil also emphasized the convenience of the fair for both students and employers.

“It’s a one-stop shop,” she said. “It’s close to the dorms. Students can come here and learn about the I-9, get paperwork, do interviews. It’s very convenient. We’re trying to make it easy for them.”

Kelsie Gory worked the Athletics and Recreation table, which assists students in getting jobs at the Ralph S. O’Connor Recreation Center. Gory explained that the goal of the job fair is to showcase different employment opportunities on campus.

“It gives students the opportunity to see lots of different jobs and what’s out there,” she said.

Approximately 40 students interested in being contacted for job opportunities had already given their information to Gory. Gory said the students’ level of interest in working at the Rec Center has varied.

Sophomore Jonathan Masterson didn’t hold a job on campus last year because of a difficult academic workload, but said he wanted to find a job this year that he could balance with his studies.

“I’m here because I need a job, like most people. I have work-study so I’m really trying to find something for the school year,” Masterson said. “I’ve been emailing employers [before coming to the fair], and I’ve gotten a few emails back. I think that the system works very well — meeting someone in person is much better.”

Masterson explained he felt it would’ve been overwhelming coming to the Job Fair as a freshman. However, freshman Woudese Befikadu felt differently. She said that while it might now be harder to balance work and studies than in high school, she felt prepared.

“I have work-study so I need to get a job to pay for that. I’m looking for volunteer work for some type of research. I’ve worked throughout high school,” she said.

O’Neil spoke to the recent changes to the Fair and how its setup has increased convenience for companies and students. The Fair used to be held in the Glass Pavilion. However, two years ago the Fair was moved to the AMR I MPR because it was thought to be a more central location for students to go to and a more convenient location for employers.

“We make it convenient for employers because we hire students to work the fair. All the employers have to do is come in. It’s pretty convenient all around,” she said. “Students can meet a variety of different employers. No matter what your interest is, you’re going to find an employer here to meet your needs.”

Out of the employers represented at the fair, an increased number came from various Hopkins medical centers and campuses. Adam Dodson represented the Medical Simulation Center located at a Hopkins outpatient center in Baltimore.

Over 200 people had put down their information on Dodson’s list. He said that an interest in medicine is consistent on many college campuses. Dodson explained that he was looking specifically for student employees because the center can hire them quickly.

“I’m short two full-time staff members, and the process to go through Human Resources is very delayed,” Dodson said. “You can hire students here and negate that [process]. To offer this to students and bring this to them is great. It’s been a great turnout today.”

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