Baltimore still crippled by freak thunderstorm

Trees across campus and in the BMA’s sculpture have lost limbs in the wind from Friday evening’s thunderstorm.

Two days after a nasty storm with all the impressions of a hurricane struck the mid-Atlantic region, debris and fallen tree limbs continue to scatter sidewalks and parts of campus while power is still out across parts of the city. Here in Charles Village, the 3200 block of St. Paul St. is without electricity and residents of The Bradford and a number of other buildings in the area are also in the dark. Additionally, students have reported internet outages across numerous buildings that still retained power through the weekend. Hopkins has managed to keep their utilities on throughout their campuses across the city (well, Homewood and JHMI to say the least, where this writer has thus far traveled).

Power outages along the 3200 block of St. Paul have forced business to remain closed and gave residents a rough time in this weekend’s sweltering conditions.

In order to cope with the lack electricity in some residences and internet access in others, Hopkins students have made MSE quite a popular destination for the usually quiet weekend between the two summer class sessions. Some have also resorted to camping in unlocked academic buildings including Bloomberg Hall.

Motorists trying to navigate Baltimore’s road continue to face treacherous conditions as numerous stoplights lack power, including 32nd and St. Paul, 36th and N. Charles, and along 33rd at Barclay and Guilford. For the busier intersections, transportation crews have put up temporary stop signs until they can restore power.

Without power to the traffic lights, scenes like this two-car collision at 33rd and Guilford are much more likely occurrences throughout the region.

With triple digit heat in the forecast for the next few days, the lack of AC for many Baltimore residents has made for a precarious health situation. Many have resorted to a common means of cooling when the electricity is out: supermarket ice.

Unfortunately the Waverly Giant was sold out of ice bags by Sunday evening.

Stay safe and cool Baltimore.

—Ian Yu, Managing Editor

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